sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
The premier annual event for dog breeders, dog lovers, and fans of photographs of puffed-out pooches has just come to an end. The Westminster Dog Show attracts some 2,500 dogs from around the nation to two days of pomp and preening before sold-out audiences at Madison Square Garden in New York City and a television audience around the world. Each dog's complete name includes the prefix "Ch" -- for champion, since each purebred entrant has already been a winner somewhere. The dogs are judged by groups, including Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding Sporting, Working, and Terrier. The top dog is selected in the final contest: "Best in Show.'' 
El principal evento anual de  criadores de perros, amantes de los perros, y la fotografia. El Westminster Dog Show atrae a unos 2.500 perros de todo  en el Madison Square Garden de Nueva York y una audiencia televisiva de todo el mundo.  Los perros son juzgados por los grupos,Seis nuevas razas fueron incluidos este año entre los 179 anteriores: Boykin spaniel, bluetick coonhound, redbone coonhound, cane corso, Leonberger, y Icelandic sheepdog. 

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